Wednesday, September 7, 2011

My photos on canvas




Yeeeeeeeah Im sooooo excited I finally got my photos on canvases! Thanks to my good friend Michelle she is just now starting her business. She has her facebook and ebay set up and ready for orders. Her canvases are so very awesome and affordable too ! My favourite part is how light they are that im not afraid that they fall off my wall and that the back (I know no one will see but...) is like velvety black backing on them so there very well finished and you can't see the staples on the back. I just love them all so very much now hummmmm where to put them all :)

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

i love k8tography


There are so may talented awesome photographers that I have met threw facebook and one of those are Kate of k8tography...her work is so refreshing and inspiring I love all her work ...and I was so very lucky to have won a competition she was having on her facebook page. I was stoked to have won a giant canvas of my choice and so I picked out this one named 'I always wanted a picket fence...' because...well I have, and now I have one hehehe

Thursday, August 11, 2011

oh hi.........

im still here. Promise. Just please don’t look at the date I last posted. (I told you not to look) heheh well.......... since the last time I’ve posted my daughter and I went to Texas for a good 3 month holiday ( will post those soon in a new series im calling Texas Tuesday..more to come later) and came back and met up with this lovely family again. My oh my how they have changed into little people with personality. We've had to postpone because of the weather so getting out on this fine sunny day to run around and play is just what we did


Diptych 2
look at those cheeky cheeks ;) gotta love'em.




t (2)


Diptych 1

one proud momma! you can see her beaming with pride and joy :)

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